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dave harrold

Dave Harrold

Dave is originally from Chatsworth, California. He also lived in Huntington Beach, California, where he was a professional motorcycle racer and adventure rider. Dave has traveled all over the world on his motorcycle. Many of the adventures in his novels are based on true-life experiences, and many of his characters are based on people he has met on the road. 

Motorcycle High introduced the character of Rock Pounder and his unique group of friends, as they raced across Russia and Europe on a mission to keep a nuclear program out of the hands of enemies. The Key to Cabo brings back many of the same characters and adds some fascinating new friends (and enemies) to the group, as they are pursued across Mexico by a drug lord who is intent on keeping $250 million in drug money away from the DEA.

Dave currently lives in McKinney, Texas with his wife Judy, where he is now a full-time author, although he still finds time for adventure riding in between novels. He is currently working on the third novel in the Rock Pounder series.